Cape Industrial Cleaning Technologies (CICT) started up as a father and son enterprise in the Western Cape Province, Representing CEMSA (Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing South Africa).

Our mission is to service the industry insuring best quality and technical support with our best quality best service Moto. We pride ourselves in giving the industry the latest advancements in technology.

Sanitising Machine / Fogging Machine

Sanitising Machine / Fogging Machines

The MSU was designed to improve efficiency for the sanitation process for all work Environments. (get in, get out) boasting an Italian designed high-pressure misting / fogging pump, custom misting/fogging nozzle, this unit gives you a 3m square coverage every second and only using 35ml of product per second. Leaving a slight residue drying within minutes leaving a layer of your chosen product, protecting your staff and goods entering and leaving your facility, keeping your Business, School and Office operating with minimal risk. Click here for more information regarding the MSU sanitising machine.