MSU 100bar Sanitising Machine / Fogging Machine

Pressure: 100 bar
Flow Rate: 30 l/h
Absorbed Power: 2,9 kW

The MSU 350 and 250 Sanitising/Fogging Machines was designed and built by us to improve efficiency for the sanitation process for all work environments with cold fog (get in, get out approach) boasting an Italian designed high-pressure misting/fogging pump, custom misting/fogging nozzle, this unit gives you a 3m square coverage every second and only uses 35ml of product per second. Leaving a slight residue drying within minutes leaving a layer of your chosen product, protecting your staff and goods entering and leaving your facility, keeping the environment sanitized, the MSU sanitising machines are being used in Hotels, Schools, Churches, Factories, Warehouses, and all places of work where backpack sanitiser is too small to meet the demand. The MSU Sanitising misting machine is designed to cover large areas in a fraction of the time! The MSU 350 Sanitizer come with a 20 litre tank, hose that can be customized to your preferred length and can run double lances with up to 50m of hose. The MSU 250 Sanitizer is our smaller unit it is more mobile and is used in smaller spaces boasting a 5 litre tank, 5 meter hose and smaller gun lance this is the perfect option for smaller areas at an affordable price.

Most Frequently Use of our Sanitising Machine

  • Factories
  • Churches
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Schools
  • Municipalities
  • Offices

Standard Equipment of MSU Sanitising Machine

  • 10m High Pressure Hose
  • Gun & Lance
  • High Pressure Misting Nozzle
  • 20l Chemical Tank
  • High Pressure Nozzle Filter

Optional Extras for MSU Sanitising Machine

  • 50m Hose Assembly
  • High Pressure Valve
  • 50m High Pressure Hose Reel
  • Wall Mounting
  • 60l Tank

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